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100% Clean, Renewable Energy

Does your city have a 100% clean, renewable energy goal on its Climate Action Plan?

If not, please see our tab: Climate Action Plans.

Sources of Clean, Renewable Energy





What is CCE?

  • Community Choice Energy, also known as Community Choice Aggregation, is an alternative to traditional investor owned utility (IOU).

  • California law allows cities to establish non-profit electricity providers in order to purchase power on behalf of their residents and businesses and take command of electricity rates.

  • The utility company (SDGE, etc.) would continue to operate and maintain the electrical grid, poles & wires and send the monthly bill.

  • A portion of the payment you make to the utility would be transferred to the new choice provider to pay for the actual power you consume.

  • It’s a seamless process.

San Diego City Council Approves Community Choice Energy Program.

The San Diego City Council voted to create a JPA (Joint Powers Authority) to buy and sell energy in competition with private companies like San Diego Gas & Electric. The program is key to the city meeting its goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.