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Air Quality

Clean Air Elementary School Lesson Plans, Grades K-5

Clean Air Middle School Lesson Plans, Grades 6-8

EPA Air Quality and Energy STEM

EPA Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools

Invisible Air Pollution: I Don't Believe My Eyes, STEM

I've Gotta Get Some Air, STEM

Greenhouse Atmosphere: Let's Heat Things Up, STEM

A Merry-Go-Round for Dirty Air, STEM

The No Zone of Ozone, STEM

NSTA Cleaning the Air, Grades 6-8

On the Move: Pollution Transport & Weather, STEM

Pollution Solutions, STEM

Sensing Air Pollution, STEM

The 6 Infamous Pollutants, Grades 4-6

Visible Air Pollution: You've Got to See It to Believe It, STEM

What's Air Got to Do with It? Properties & Quality, STEM

What's Hiding in the Air?, STEM

Washing Air: Wet Scrubber Pollutant Recovery Method, STEM

What's a Kid to Do? Environmental Letter Campaign, STEM

air quality: Vehicle Idling

Clean Air for Schools Lesson Plan, Grades K-2

Clean Air for Schools Lesson Plan, Grades 3-5

Clean Air for Schools Lesson Plan, Grades 6-8

Idlers: Please Stop Your Engines!, Grades 3-5

Climate change

Climate Change In My Backyard, Grades 7-9

Climate Change In My Backyard, Grades 10-12

Climate Change Live, Grades K-12

EPA Lesson Plans, Grades K-12

Green Team Curricula & Activities

I Can Save the Earth, Grade 4

Pulitzer Center Climate Change, Grades K-College

Stanford Climate Change Curriculum, Grades 6-8

Stanford Climate Change Curriculum, Grades 9-12

NEEF’s Field Classrooms, Grades 5-College

NEEF’s Greening STEM Learning Center, Grades 5-College

renewable energy

Renewable Energy Living Lab: Power Your School, Grades 5-8 STEM

Solar Power, Grades 3-5 STEM

Water Power, Grades 3-5 STEM

Wind Power, Grades 3-5 STEM

Pesticide Safety

National Institutes of Health Pesticide Safety, Grades K-5

Pesticide Safety Classroom Resources, Grades K-12

Planting for Pollinators

Building and Testing Our Vanilla Plant Pollinator, Grade 2

Flowers Seeking Pollinators, Grades 2-7

Plants and Pollinators, Grades 3-5

Planting a Wildflower Garden, Middle School

Plastic Pollution

Ahoy! Plastic in the Ocean, Grades 7-9

Educators Guide to Marine Debris, Grades K-12

Plastic Challenge, Grades 2-12

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere, Grades 4-8

Talking Trash and Your Environment, Grades 9-12

Social Justice

Amazon Watch, Grades 1-12

Teaching Tolerance, Grades K-12

STEM & Technical Certificates

Energize Schools Project-Based Curriculum, Grades 9-College

Building Learners, Grades K-12

FIRST LEGO League Jr., Grades 1-4


Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, YouTube Channel

Amazon Watch, Grades 1-12

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