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Air Pollution

Laws and Regulations

Overview of the U.S. Clean Air Act

CA Air Resources Board (CARB) Community Air Protection Program


Air Pollution Increases ER Visits

Associations Between Long-term Exposure to Air Pollution, Glycosylated Hemoglobin and Diabetes

California Short-lived Pollutant Reduction Strategy

Declining Air Quality Threatens the Health of Millions

EPA Green Vehicle Guide

EPA Indoor Air Quality Guidance for Schools

Flow: a Personal Air-Quality Tracker that Fits in your Hand

Growing Corn Is A Major Contributor To Air Pollution

How Air Pollution Harms Your Body

How Air Pollution Is Doing More Than Just Killing Us

How Much Asthma Does Traffic Pollution Cause in Your City?

Millions More Americans Breathing Dirty Air as Planet Warms

Mongolia: A Toxic Warning To The World

San Diego's Air is Among the Nation's Dirtiest

Study Finds Babies at risk in strollers from car exhaust

Study Finds Racial Gap Between Who Causes Air Pollution And Who Breathes It

Toxic air pollution to shorten children's lives by 20 months

Tracking the toxic air that's killing millions

UK scientists aiming to use bionic leaves to tackle air pollution

We’ll soon know the exact air pollution from every power plant in the world. That’s huge.

What does air pollution do to our bodies?

Where do the Children Play? The Problem of Particulate Air Pollution



Clean Air Elementary School Lesson Plans, Grades K-5

Clean Air Middle School Lesson Plans, Grades 6-8

EPA Air Quality and Energy STEM

EPA Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools

Invisible Air Pollution: I Don't Believe My Eyes, STEM

I've Gotta Get Some Air, STEM

Greenhouse Atmosphere: Let's Heat Things Up, STEM

A Merry-Go-Round for Dirty Air, STEM

The No Zone of Ozone, STEM

NSTA Cleaning the Air, Grades 6-8

On the Move: Pollution Transport & Weather, STEM

Pollution Solutions, STEM

Sensing Air Pollution, STEM

The 6 Infamous Pollutants, Grades 4-6

Visible Air Pollution: You've Got to See It to Believe It, STEM

What's Air Got to Do with It? Properties & Quality, STEM

What's Hiding in the Air?, STEM

Washing Air: Wet Scrubber Pollutant Recovery Method, STEM

What's a Kid to Do? Environmental Letter Campaign, STEM


Clean Air for Schools Lesson Plan, Grades K-2

Clean Air for Schools Lesson Plan, Grades 3-5

Clean Air for Schools Lesson Plan, Grades 6-8

Idlers: Please Stop Your Engines!, Grades 3-5