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CleanEarth4Kids Action Plan

Dear City Leaders, Staff, and Community Members,

We urge you to consider our top 25 Action Plan items.

1.  Set a 100% Renewable Energy Goal. Go Community Choice Energy (CCE) where available.

2.  Pass No Idling Ordinances, Policies and Resolutions. Install No Idling signs in parks, schools, parking lots, etc. Educate the public. 

3.  Increase urban tree canopy and foliage. Plant 400 new trees per year.

4.  Stop the use of toxic pesticides in parks, public lands and school grounds.

5.  Pass ordinances that support zero waste goals, including those targeting single-use disposable plastics, in order to prevent plastics from polluting the natural environment and to reduce the amount of solid waste that is sent to landfills.

6.  Promote local, organic farming, Farmer’s Markets and healthy food options, especially climate-friendly foods.

7. Promote buying and receiving local goods and services.

8.  Pass a resolution to ban off-shore drilling.

9.  Pass a resolution to ban fracking.

10.  Pass a resolution to ban drilling of new oil wells.

11. Protect wetlands, rivers, and ocean from agricultural runoff (fertilizer, topsoil, pesticides, etc.) and other toxins.

12. Improve public transit access, options, opportunities and experiences. 

13. Improve lighting at transportation centers, bus stops, and pedestrian paths. Use attractive, yet powerful lighting (solar when possible). Increase police presence.

14. Increase the number of electrical vehicles in City fleet. Install idle reduction technology in existing Police, Fire and Ambulance vehicles.

15. Add EV charging stations to all City parking lots and parks. Create staff incentive program for transit/EV use.

16.  Offer free, friendly, convenient electric trolleys and electric shuttles.
Connect hotels, resorts, restaurants, shops, beaches, businesses, parking lots, bus stops to enhance transportation options, increase local business and tourism while reducing traffic and pollution.

17. Create a network of protected bicycle lanes.  Upgrade existing bike lanes.

18. Improve walkability.  Increase pedestrian access and safety.

19. Encourage Smart Growth and development near existing transit, bike lanes and paths.

20. Fully electrify City buildings.  Strongly encourage new building electrification.
Discourage natural gas use in new buildings.
Encourage conversion of existing gas appliances to electric.  
Require wiring for EV charging stations in new housing.
Require solar panels on new construction.

21. Increase active and passive park space for recreation and carbon sequestration. 
Increase accessibility and access to all park spaces. Increase Dept. of Parks & Rec budget in order to offer more programs.

22. Ensure Climate Mitigation Actions stay within City Limits. 
Do not allow any off-site mitigation to occur.  If off-site mitigation is proposed, must include means to verify and funding for maintenance, etc. over the long term. (Also, mitigation regulations must take into account the total ecological losses and gains associated with environmental impacts or mitigation when allocating debits and credits.)

23. Sponsor public outreach and education programs/workshops, pamphlets and multimedia presentations on ways to safeguard public health, conserve resources, reduce Greenhouse gases, etc.

24. Schedule reoccurring monthly City Council agenda items with updates and reports from committees: Climate Action Plan, Energy and Climate Action Element and Economic Development Element. Post Minutes/Progress updates regarding implementation, oversight, monitoring.

25. Hold open, monthly public stakeholder meetings and workshops with dates listed on City website.
Advertise events: City website, social media, libraries, schools, etc. Invite diverse community members from all districts.
Hold programs at senior and community centers, libraries, schools, local universities and City Hall.


Click the Image to Learn About Our Contests and Challenges

Click the Image to Learn About Our Contests and Challenges

Click the Image for the Resource Packet

Click the Image for the Resource Packet