#SolutionsForPollution Contests

#SolutionsForClimateChange Contests


You may enter an action plan, letter, petition, resolution, ordinance, essay, article, blog post or site, book review, pamphlet or educational lesson.

You may also include a description and either a photo, slideshow, video or audio recording/ podcast... about your project.
Time limit: 1-20 minutes.

Include a title and your writing.

Please include
1. The purpose

2. Goal

3. Intended audience

4. How will your writing help reduce air, water or land pollution or climate change?

Will this improve health of people, animals or the environment? If so, how?

5. How will you share or publish your project
with others?

6. What else would you like to say?

7. Include 2 resources.

8. What additional help or resources do you need to share your project or have it be effective?

Who can you ask for help? (You may email us separately from the contests.)

9. Email your writing and the Contest Wavier Form to

To complete the Contest Waver Form: Print out, sign your name, grade level, school, city, state, parent name and the date. Take a picture of the completed form. Include this form with your entry.

By entering the contests you agree to have your work (or your picture, image or likeness) published, reproduced or shared for educational nonprofit purposes for no charge. You agree that the work is your own. (You may have received assistance or accommodations as needed.)