Suzanne M. Hume
Founder, Director of Educational Programs and Outreach
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John Bottorff
CIO (Chief Information Officer)
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Jay Klopfenstein
Director of Green Teams, Online Education and Grants
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Stacey - Parent Liaison

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Teddy - Captain of Cool

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Julie - Outreach & Media


Gideon - Photography Youth Team Lead


Hannah - Parks & Recreation Youth Team Lead


Kaylee - Smile Ambassador


Li - Presentations Youth Team Lead


Vaughn - Co-President, Kid’s Team


Victoria - Co-President, Kid’s Team

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Phinix - Co-President, Kid’s Team

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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to protecting children’s health, clean air, clean water and nontoxic public lands through education, activities, projects, contests, challenges and collaboration.

We build skills, purpose, innovative thinking, stewardship, community service, love of nature and joy.

We offer free educational resources, lessons, contests, challenges, literacy, STEM/ STEAM...

We are advocates providing free templates, blueprints, examples of policy, models, ideas, lessons, activities, projects that may be used by community members, students, teachers, schools, cities, states.

We provide free workshops and training around the globe, as our resources and time allow.

Children everywhere need clean air, clean water, non-toxic lands and free educational opportunities, materials and encouragement to thrive.

Giving Kids and Future Generations Our Best.

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CleanEarth4Kids is a non-profit organization.

We do not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status in any of our activities or operations.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment.

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Who We Are

Hi.  My name is Suzanne M. Hume.  I am teacher, reading specialist and advocate for children’s health, clean air, clean water, non-toxic lands and educational opportunities for students and communities. I founded because I know that positive changes can happen through passion, creativity, connection, collaboration, understanding, speaking with decision makers and representatives on a local, state and federal level.

Pesticide exposure, from a helicopter spraying crops, burned my lungs and made it difficult for me to speak.  My life changed.  My voice returned and my lungs are healing but in the process I had to move from my home, leaving others in my community behind.  Stopping the helicopters spraying pesticides through a petition was not enough. I knew that I must work for change and build awareness.  I must find a way to protect air, water and lands from pesticides and dangerous chemicals that are poisoning our people and wildlife.

After my lungs were burned, I became acutely aware of air pollution.  Smoke from a nearby fire pit knocked me to the ground- twice.  Car exhaust burned my lungs.  When I researched the dangers of car exhaust, I was shocked.  1 minute of idling has more carbon monoxide than 3 packs of cigarettes and contains many toxic chemicals and Greenhouse gases.  Why didn’t I know this as a teacher?  How can we build awareness of pollution solutions and ways to protect health? 

If idling is reduced in Vista, Vista will reduce over 90,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year! 

In Oceanside, if idling is reduced, it will reduce over 100,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year! 

I am proud to work with fellow board members, John Bottorff (IT) and Jay Klopfenstein (Green Teams and Grants), as well as our parent volunteers, Youth and Kid’s Boards.