#SolutionsForPollution Contests

#SolutionsForClimateChange Contests

Comics or Adventure Stories

You may enter a comic or adventure story.

(You may also include a photo, slideshow, video or audio recording/ podcast about your work. Time limit: 1-20 minutes.)

1. Create a title.

2. Who are the characters?

3. What is the setting?

4. What is the problem? Is there air, land or water pollution

or Greenhouse gases causing climate change?

5. What is the solution?

6. Did the health of people, animals or environment improve?

If so, how?

7. How will you share or publish your project with others?

8. What else would you like to share?

9. Email your comic or adventure story to


  • Your first name and last name, grade, school, city, state and country

  • 8 random numbers to identify you. (Keep a copy of the numbers!)

  • Title of your project, action or information and why it is important to you

  • Send us a picture of the filled out entry form.

Click Here For Entry Form

The names and cities of monthly winners will be posted on CleanEarth4Kids website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The submission must be the work of the student although we recognize assistance from teachers and parents may be given in some circumstances.

By submitting an entry, the applicant acknowledges, and warrants the submission is original work and does not infringe on copyrights, or has been authorized by the copyright holder. The applicant also agrees to have their work (or their picture, image or likeness) published, reproduced or shared for educational, nonprofit purposes for no charge.